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9th March 2017
‘Pow! That’s Killmusik: Vol 3 (Reflection)
Rowdy Farrago Records
New album from The Destructors. This one contains releases (excluding covers and bonus tracks) from the limited edition split EP's (with our mates from The Black Marias, Gripper, Don't Look Down, Beverly Kills, Ziplock, PMT, Dogtown Rebels, Cretin 77 & The Maligerers). This is the third in the trilogy of POW albums. Another snapshot of THE DESTRUCTORS story from 2010-2015. This includes 6 brand new tracks (which includes two covers of tracks by Death and the Deadbeats) and maybe a cheeky bonus track as well as! A total of 25 tracks! Hope you enjoy it!

Destructors TV EyeDestructors TV EyeDestructors TV EyeDestructors TV Eye