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"Just purchased Slams Badger about 2 weeks ago from TS Quarter Horses. The gelding was started really well. He has a great mind, perfect size, and has GRIT. He loves working, already doctoring in the pasture on him and hes dragging calves in the branding pen. NICE GELDING………Thanks again."
Buck Ireland
Akron, Colorado

If you think of your friends, you will probably find it easy to rank them in terms of the N dimension. The adjective ‘neurotic’ has even entered everyday speech! This is probably because variation in negative emotion systems is a deep biological characteristic of humans, and even of other mammals. Animal breeders have long known that it is very easy to produce more or less fearful horses or dogs by selective breeding, and they have exploited this for producing military and working animals. We know from laboratory rats that you can produce a fearful and anxious strain in a few generations by breeding from the most fearful individuals.

Breeders of Quarter Horses , our goal is to produce the modern quarter horses using foundation quarter horse bloodlines

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The Open Mind Horses And ChariotsThe Open Mind Horses And ChariotsThe Open Mind Horses And ChariotsThe Open Mind Horses And Chariots